best seats in a movie theater

Leaders in cinema screen technologies, Galalite, recently unveiled its marketing campaign for 2018. The campaign reiterates the company’s place in the forefront of innovation in the cinema screen industry. While staying true to their roots, Galalite stands for the future, breaking new ground in screen technology with products that are smarter and more progressive.

The campaign headline says “Reinventing Imagination”, because ever since 1959, Galalite has consistently focussed on setting benchmarks for the cinema screen industry by putting their imaginations into implementations. And clearly, they don’t intend to stop growing, inventing and reinventing their imaginations to give us a magical cinema-viewing experience.

Speaking on the occasion, Yusuf S Galabhaiwala (Director of Operations) said, “At Galalite, forward-thinking and innovativeness have been our motto since generations. With a vision to transform movie-viewing experiences around the world, we go beyond the present and into the future of cinema screens. This campaign showcases how we constantly reinvent our products to make them the best-in-class choice that is ahead of trends”.