Global Installations of Screens

Since its inception in 1959, Galalite has established itself as a leader in the cinema screen manufacturing industry. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to quality, Galalite has revolutionized the cinematic experience for audiences worldwide. So let’s see how their screens have transformed theatres, and cinemas and captivated viewers, backed by their cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions.


Galalite Screen’s Global Presence

Galalite’s influence spans across continents, bringing superior cinematic experiences to diverse regions. From the bustling metropolises of Europe to the cultural hubs of Asia, Galalite screens have made significant installations that set the standard for movie theatres globally. Iconic cinema houses such as MovieLand in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, and Palaxi Cinemas in Calicut, India, showcase the quality of Galalite screens.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, a city in the Carpathian Mountains and known for its vibrant cultural scene, MovieLand now features 9 Galalite screens. These include 5 Prism 3D 2.4 screens and 4 Mirage 1.7 screens, ensuring vivid visual experiences for all moviegoers. Similarly, in Calicut, Palaxi Cinemas has 8 screens, including the first-of-its-kind Epiq screen in Kerala, and seven screens equipped with Galalite’s advanced technology.


Transforming Cinematic Experiences

Galalite Screens has consistently transformed the cinematic experience, drawing audiences into the magic of movies with clarity and brilliance that is akin to reality. Their installations have significantly boosted viewer engagement and satisfaction, making cinemas the preferred choice for movie enthusiasts.

For instance, at MovieLand in Ukraine, the introduction of Galalite screens led to overwhelming positive feedback from patrons. The Prism 3D 2.4 screens offered a 3D experience, while the Mirage 1.7 screens provided unmatched clarity and vivid visuals. This transformation was not just visual but emotional, as audiences found themselves more engaged and connected with the on-screen narratives.

In India, Palaxi Cinemas in Calicut has become a beacon of modern cinema, thanks to its collaboration with Galalite. The cinema’s patrons have lauded the exceptional picture quality and audio-visual experience. This enhancement has made Palaxi Cinemas a go-to destination for high-quality entertainment in Kerala, reinforcing the importance of advanced screen technology in modern cinemas.

In East and Central Africa, the Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, hosts the largest movie theatre in the region, featuring Galalite’s premium Prism 3D 3.4 screens. These screens have revolutionized the viewing experience by offering passive 3D projection with polarized light, high signal-to-noise ratio, and reduced visual noise thanks to Lensray Technology. This installation has set a new benchmark for cinematic excellence in Africa.


Galalite’s technological advancements

Galalite’s dedication to innovation is evident in its technology. The company introduced Lensray Technology, which uses a micro-lens array to minimize visual noise and enhance image clarity. This technology ensures that every frame is displayed with the highest fidelity, maintaining the director’s vision without compromise.

Additionally, Galalite’s Mirage screens offer better uniformity, enhanced contrast, and superior color accuracy, both in 2D and polarized 3D applications. These screens are whiter than any other silver screen available, providing wider viewing angles and a more inclusive viewing experience. The Prism 3D screens deliver zero ghosting effects, making them ideal for 3D viewing. Such technological advancements have positioned Galalite at the forefront of the industry, continuously raising the bar for cinematic excellence.


Case Studies

  • MovieLand, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Challenges: The primary challenge was to integrate advanced screen technology in a historic city known for its rich cultural heritage, ensuring that the modern cinematic experience blended seamlessly with the city’s ambiance.

Solution: Galalite installed five Prism 3D 2.4 screens and four Mirage 1.7 screens. The Prism 3D screens provided an immersive 3D experience, while the Mirage screens offered exceptional clarity and color accuracy. The result was a modern cinema that preserved the city’s cultural integrity while offering state-of-the-art viewing experiences.


  • Palaxi Cinemas, Calicut, India

Challenges: Introducing a high-tech cinema in a region known for its discerning audience required ensuring the highest quality in both visual and audio experiences.

Solution: Galalite equipped Palaxi Cinemas with seven Mirage screens and the first Epiq screen in Kerala. These installations, paired with Dolby and SLS speakers and Barco laser projectors, created an unparalleled cinematic environment. The high-quality screens ensured superior image clarity and color precision, making Palaxi Cinemas a landmark in Calicut’s entertainment scene.


  • Hendrick’s Sunset Cinema, Singapore

Challenges: Creating an outdoor cinema experience on a beach while ensuring high-quality projection and sound in a non-traditional setting.

Solution: Galalite partnered with Hendrick’s Sunset Cinema to provide a 16 MTR X 8 MTR Matte White front projection screen. This screen offered the best, clearest, and widest viewing angles, ensuring a spectacular picture quality. The event, held from June 23 to July 10, 2022, showcased timeless movies and provided an unforgettable outdoor cinematic experience.


  • International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa

Challenges: Enhancing the visual experience of one of Asia’s most significant film festivals with cutting-edge screen technology.

Solution: Galalite sponsored the 54th International Film Festival of India by providing two state-of-the-art screens – the Mirage 2.2 and Digilite 2.2. These screens played a pivotal role in enhancing the festival’s visual experience, aligning with Galalite’s commitment to providing unparalleled cinematic experiences. Galalite’s Lensray Technology further ensured reduced speckle and evenly dispersed light for life-like visuals. This sponsorship underscored Galalite’s dedication to supporting and enriching the film festival landscape.


  • Revathy Cinemax, Kerala

Challenges: Merging traditional cinematic charm with modern technological advancements to cater to a diverse audience.

Solution: Galalite installed Mirage 1.7 screens in all three auditoriums at Revathy Cinemax. These screens, combined with state-of-the-art Christie CP4450-RGB and CP2315-RGB Real Laser projectors, offered stunning 4K visuals and 3D capabilities. The integration of Dolby Atmos sound systems further enhanced the viewing experience, making Revathy Cinemax a top destination for moviegoers in Kerala.


  • Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi, Kenya

Challenges: Establishing a premier cinema experience in East and Central Africa.

Solution: Galalite installed the largest theater screen in the region at Two Rivers Mall, spanning 19.5 meters wide and 8.7 meters high. The Prism 3D 3.4 screens provided passive 3D projection with polarized light, enhancing the 3D performance. The integration of 4K screens and Dolby Atmos audio systems created a world-class cinematic experience for Nairobi’s moviegoers.


Galalite has constantly enhanced the cinematic experience for audiences globally. Their innovative technology and tailored solutions have set new standards in the industry, ensuring that every movie is displayed with unparalleled clarity and brilliance.