Galalite Screens Virtual Stall

Galalite Screens participated in the first-ever online conference and trade show for cinema business by CineEurope. 

CineEurope is the longest-running and most prestigious convention dedicated entirely to cinema operators in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The convention was supposed to be held in the beautiful city of Barcelona in the coming August. 

However, due to the unfortunate situation of the global Pandemic, CineEurope hosted its first-ever official virtual expo and online convention on 17th and 18th June. The official convention of the International Union of Cinemas took this prudent decision keeping in mind the safety of their attendees. 

Galalite was fortunate enough to be a part of the official convention of UNIC for the fourth time which represents over 42k screens in over 38 European countries. 

Produced by the Film Expo Group, every year this convention attracts international business professionals, cinema owners, and various industrial supplies to build a network and unfold the latest industry trends. 

COVID 19 has changed the facet of cinema lately and keeping the uncertainty of cinema future in mind, this 2-day virtual expo for cinema was a new and exclusive experience including all the who’s who of the cinema industry. 


The 2-day virtual event was packed with executive round tables, informative live sessions, and industry messages from the biggest names including Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and Walt Disney. 

Following the theme of “Upgrade to Galalite”, this first-ever virtual CineEurope experience helps us be a vanguard to innovation and technology in the cinema world. It was an exhilarating experience for Galalite screens to be a Trade Show partner for the Cine Europe On-Line conference and trade show. 


Speaking on the occasion, Siranush Whyte, GM Business Development said, “It was a great moment of pride to share the same screen space with the noticeable names in the cinema industry, inculcating the same passion towards the future of cinema. CineEurope did a praiseworthy job in bringing everyone together even at the time like this and sharing the encouraging messages for everyone. Customers were also bestowed with a chat-box that allowed the interaction throughout. The support from the industry partners seems comforting in the pandemic time and it fills my heart with joy to see people filled with hope. A hope towards a better tomorrow.”