Behind The Scenes of a Theater Projection Screen Manufacturing!


Galalite, pioneers in cinema screen technologies since 1959.

Galalite manufactures groundbreaking innovative theatre projection screen surfaces for prime movie-viewing experiences, assuring high-performance, expertise and time bound deliveries. A family-owned business since its inception in 1959 headquartered in Mumbai, the cinema capital of  India. Galalite has the largest production unit in Lonavala. Facing many hardships and overcoming obstacles, it became India’s 1st company to have own in-house coating facility. They are now global leaders in cinema screen manufacturing in European countries like United Kingdom, Germany and furthermore, have become one of the largest projector screen suppliers, representing India on the world map.



To be the most trusted and preferred
supplier of cinema screens around
the Globe



To remain at the forefront of technology
innovations and provide the best
solutions to customers



The values of integrity and efficiency,
along with unparalleled quality of
products matter to us

Our Journey

In the mid 1960’s they bought a small unit in Mumbai and started to use plastic screens. Since plastic would need joining, they developed a unique welding method in which seams were absolutely invisible. In the late 1960’s Galalite added a manual perforating machine, which would enable behind-screen speaker placement, creating a whole new cinema experience. In 1986 a fully automatic perforating machine with a unique perforating design to maximize the sound effects in the cinema and reduce bass vibrations on screen was imported. Galalite was the first Indian company to start exporting cinema screens all over the world. In 2000, coated gain screens, 3D screens had a certain demand. The Indian markets had to import screens for their requirement. Mr Shabbir had started to chalk out vision of setting up a coating facility with the sole purpose of serving the Indian market. In 2007, the third generation of family run Galalite screens joined the business and shifted to a 5 times bigger premises to increase sales and were the first Indian company to have a in house coating facility.

Galalite has made a name for itself across the country and the world as a premier cinema manufacturer company with its  wide range of cinema screens perfect for any film requirements and along with the latest lensray technology providing the audience a unique viewing experience. On completion of 60 successful years,Galalite celebrated by launching #BeTheLite campaign whose goal was to create awareness about the visually impaired children in the country and encourage people to donate to this benevolent cause and assist in the treatment of the children.
Galalite’s journey has only just begun and they have a long way filled with groundbreaking innovation and continuous growth.

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