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Every brand has one dream project.

We had it too.

Yes, we had. Because the dream is no more a dream but our reality.

A reality that is changing the world the way we envisioned.

Lensray Technology

Let us take you through this journey to understand why Lensray Technology was born and how it is transforming the Cinema Screen Industry today!

Let’s go.

So, what is the PAIN POINT of the industry?

Visual Noise

A noise that can’t be heard but seen!

In terms of –

  • Uneven picture clarity spread across the screen
  • The difference in the brightness or color of visuals
  • Electronic noise

Where does it originate from?

It is produced by the sensor and circuitry of a scanner or digital camera.

Being said that, it can also be formed in film grain.

Image noise can be termed as a side effect of image capture that lacks the desired information.

Since the higher the value of visual noise, the more distorted visuals you’re going to get, this becomes a concern of worry for the cinema industry.


What is the Remedy?

Lensray Technology!

Lensray uses a micro-lens array to reduce the image noise. By keeping the coherence area on the microlens array surface smaller than the microlens footprint, the intervention of the fields released by these different micro-lens is avoided. As a result, the visual noise is significantly reduced.

Although the noise is not entirely eliminated, the result of the screens produced by Lensray Technology is far better than any other screen in the world.

Any screen or any reflective surface needs to diffuse light uniformly across the area to provide that LARGER THAN LIFE experience to the audience. 

Lensray does that.

What makes Lensray Technology special?

We wanted to create something so groundbreaking that it changes the way people enjoy cinema. And makes the experience even more FULFILLING for them.

So we thought what could be better than a screen that contributes as a remedy to this Universal Problem?

Putting it in the words of our director –

“With films becoming more realistic and intricate, providing visuals that are as close to the director’s vision as possible becomes increasingly critical. Screen technology needs to keep up with the technology of the day and our Lensray technology does just that. After introducing nano-coating technology back in 2014, this is the next step for setting the benchmark yet again. With this new researched technology, the possibilities are endless for us. We will very soon have some more exciting new products coming up.”

  • Yusuf Galabhaiwala, Director of Operations, Galalite Screens

Currently, Lensray Technology is available in Galalite’s Mirage, Prism 3D & Digilite screen.

Any screen that we innovate or produce is equipped with Lensray Technology.

At Galalite, we understand that even a single distortion in the visuals and boom, the whole cinema experience is ruined for the audience.

Remember –

Your audience is not there for the Movie…

Your audience is not there for the Popcorn…

Your audience is only there for the EXPERIENCE.

It is about How You Make Them Feel that will decide How Often They Will Visit Your Theater!

Establish Lensray Technology and be the no.1 cinema hall that comes to your audience’s mind whenever a movie releases!

In case you are curious what people have to say, here’s some feedback we received on Galalite Screens by Lensray Technology at none other than the Big Cine Expo:

If you are a theatre or a cinema hall owner reading this from any part of the world, we at Galalite would be happy to chat with you and discuss how we can transform your Theater to become the next big thing in the industry!

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