Galalite Screens Starts Zero Campaign

Unveiling the Zero Features: Zero Emissions, 100% Sustainable

In 2008, Galalite Screens laid the foundation for being environmentally friendly. In 2009, Galalite introduced eco-friendly water-based coatings, becoming one of the first companies to adopt such sustainable practices. Water-based optical coatings are eco-friendly, with low VOC levels and HAP emissions, reducing the concentration of contaminants in the ozone layer.

At the beginning of 2023, Galalite Screens temporarily closed down its plant for 2 weeks to undergo significant upgrades. During this time, Galalite installed a wet scrubber system, a system that removes pollutants from an air stream by bringing it into contact with water. Wet scrubbers are generally the only single air pollution control device to remove particulates and gases/vapors. They are highly efficient at capturing the smallest dust particles and can eliminate more than 99% of airborne particulate matter. Galalite redirects the cleaned air back into the plant to reduce the environmental impact, making Galalite Screens 2023 the first zero-emission company in the cinema screen industry. Moreover, in  2023, they also started a green initiative: to plant a tree on each of their customer’s birthdays.

“We are the zeros” is the campaign’s slogan, signifying a focus on the power of zero—zero emissions, zero hotspots, and zero compromises.

Zero Limits, 100% Technology

At Galalite Screens, R&D has always been their focus. Their zero-compromise approach to innovation leads to advancements in cinema screen technology, positioning Galalite as an industry leader. Cinemas that choose Galalite not only opt for excellence but also embrace the limitless possibilities of state-of-the-art technology.

Zero Compromises, 100% Transparency

Galalite stands firm on the principles of transparency in manufacturing processes and business operations. Galalite Screens’ motto has always been to be transparent with their customers, from centre-to-edge uniformity to clear communication, building trust in customer relationships. Cinemas working with Galalite experience not just quality screens but a partnership built on honesty and integrity.

Zero Blurriness, Zero Hotspots: The Impact on Cinematic Experience

Galalite Screens eliminate hotspots caused by uneven light distribution, ensuring uniform brightness. Their Lensray Technology, designed to reduce speckle from laser projectors, combined with the eradication of hotspots, results in an unparalleled visual experience. Cinemas upgrading to Galalite Screens set a new standard for visual excellence.

Siranush Whyte, General Manager at Galalite, emphasizes, “At Galalite, transparency is integral to our values. The ‘Zero Campaign’ signifies our commitment to zero emissions and underlines our dedication to open communication and trust. Cinemas that choose Galalite are not just upgrading to superior technology but embracing a sustainable future for the entire industry.”


About Galalite:

Founded in 1959, Galalite is a family-owned business headquartered in Mumbai, India, and is the leading manufacturer of cinema screens in the country. The company has the largest production unit in Lonavala and is now a global leader in cinema screen manufacturing in European countries. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, Galalite has become one of the largest projector screen suppliers in the world, representing India on the global stage. Visit for more information.