Cine Europe 2024 Recap

Barcelona, Spain – Galalite, a leader in cinema screen technology, made a remarkable impression at CineEurope 2024, held from June 17-20 at the CCIB (Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona). Exhibiting at Booth No. 512, Galalite showcased its latest advancements in cinema screen technology, drawing significant attention from industry professionals and cinema enthusiasts alike.

At CineEurope 2024, Galalite demonstrated why it continues to lead the industry with its state-of-the-art screen technologies. Visitors to Booth No. 512 experienced firsthand the exceptional clarity & color accuracy that Galalite screens are renowned for.


Highlighting Key Innovations:

  1. Lensray Technology: This technology by Galalite minimizes visual noise and enhances image clarity, ensuring every frame is displayed with the highest fidelity.
  2. Mirage Screens: Known for their enhanced contrast, color accuracy, and wider viewing angles, Mirage screens provide unparalleled visual experiences in both 2D and 3D applications.
  3. Mirage XDL series: Known for their enhanced contrast, color accuracy, and wider viewing angles, Mirage XDL screens provide unparalleled visual experiences with centre-to-edge uniformity and reduced speckle effects, which is important for laser projectors.


Throughout the event, the Galalite team engaged with attendees through interactive demonstrations and informative sessions, highlighting the unique features and benefits of their screens. These sessions provided valuable insights into how Galalite screens can transform the cinematic experience, making them a preferred choice for cinemas worldwide.

Galalite’s presence at CineEurope 2024 was not just about showcasing products but also about building connections and strengthening relationships within the cinema industry. The event provided an excellent platform for networking with industry leaders, cinema owners, and technology partners. The positive feedback and interest received from attendees reaffirmed Galalite’s position as a trusted and innovative partner in the cinema industry.


Reflecting on the Experience

Siranush Whyte, General Manager at Galalite, expressed her enthusiasm about the event: “CineEurope 2024 is always an incredible experience for Galalite. It provides an invaluable opportunity to showcase our latest innovations and connect with industry professionals from around the world. The response to our technologies was overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited about the future collaborations and projects that will emerge from this event.”


About Galalite

Founded in 1959, Galalite is a global leader in cinema screen technology, known for its innovative approach and commitment to quality. With a focus on research and development, Galalite continues to set industry standards, providing high-quality projection screens that deliver unmatched clarity and brightness. The company’s cutting-edge technologies, such as Lensray Technology, have revolutionized the way audiences experience cinema worldwide.