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Well, this is a debate that has been making rounds in so many people’s minds for ages!

However, the answer has certainly not been a straight one here. Be it books or films, both have their own universe in themselves that we all love to indulge into and unfold to unlock a different world altogether.

That’s the beauty of these two! They take us away from reality. They not just inspire us but also help us to visualize the change we want to create in this world. They take us closer to our most real self, don’t they?

But we can’t deny the fact that this debate is real. And it’s indeed a powerful one. So, we thought why not discuss this with you guys, our very own Movie Buffs!

Grab your bucket of popcorn and get ready to dive into this world of Books vs Films!


Who controls your journey?

While reading a book, it’s totally up to you whether you want to complete it in one sitting or take decades, which eventually might also lead you to leave the book halfway. Does this ever happen with movies? We could hear that ‘never’ from you pretty loud!

Well, this happens because when you’re watching a movie, all you’re doing is sitting there and allowing the actors, directors, singers and everyone who is involved to make that movie, to take charge of you and take you through the story. With books, it’s you who have to put in efforts to stay and allow the writer to describe his story.


One lesson vs Multiple lessons!

Hands down, books are filled with millions of lessons in them. The takeaways are undoubtedly many more here, and they are not always very open. You could find them hidden in one of the anecdotes or simply through a joke.
On the other hand, the film envisions reaching one destination at the end. Unlike books, it focuses on fulfilling one dream and shows you how the hero goes all in to achieve it.


Purpose matters!

What is your intention while you’re thinking about picking a book or a movie?
Is it just to pass time? Is it to learn about something new? Is it to keep yourself updated?
Because of these matters. As per the stereotypes, books are always looked at from the view of ‘learning something’ and films from the perspective of ‘only entertainment’. Do you think this stands true anymore?
In today’s world, there are books that provide immense entertainment and there are films that provide a truckload of insights. How do you identify which one to go for? Decide your purpose and then go for the medium that would fulfill it.


Put efforts or choose the effortless?

When you’re watching a movie, you’re entering a world that is being created brilliantly and thoughtfully to help you experience the journey.

On the other hand, when you’re reading a book, you give a shape to this world and create a path to experience everything that’s been described to you by the author. Which one sounds like you? Do you like to put in efforts to create that path or experience the effortlessness of the one which has already been created for you?

Last but not least (and this one is slightly on the side of movies, well, we couldn’t hold back our love for movies anymore) –


Songs & Visuals!

Sorry bookworms, but movies clearly win this one! :p

We’ve been talking about movies and how can we not mention those breathtaking visuals & amazing songs that hold the power to get anyone on the dance floor? These two things that completely go missing in books play a huge role in movies and probably justify the growing inclination towards films.

Songs help us resonate with the emotions conveyed beautifully while the visuals take us on a world tour without physically moving us by even an inch! What do you call this if not a superpower?

Enough of the differences.

Now, let us tell you one major similarity between books and movies that we all absolutely love!



Characters that make us cry, laugh, think, dream, inspire, motivate, take action and what not! These characters, whether they are in the form of visuals or words, truly bring life to books and movies!

What would these mediums be without their characters? It’s Hard to imagine!

While comparing these two beautiful mediums, we totally forgot how books are often transformed into movies.
What’s the film that came to your mind when you read this?

We definitely do have a list of our favorite movies too that were inspired by some amazing books out there!

The list never ends, but if we have to rank the Top 5, they would be –

  1. Harry Potter film series inspired by the Harry Potter novel series (Any Potterheads in the house?)
  2. States film is inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s book with the same name
  3. Crazy Rich Asians film that was based on the book that holds the same name
  4. 3 Idiots film inspired by the book Five Point Someone (An Indian movie that broke records globally!)The Fault In Our Stars film based on a book with the same name

We believe a director with a strong sense of storytelling and vision to transform the book to create its greatest version for his audience has the power to convert any book into a movie just as beautifully as it was written by the author!


So, where has this comparison led us now?

Be it a quote ‘It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting’ from the book – The Alchemist or the dialogue ‘Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nahi Namumkin Hai’ from the movie – Don, we remember it all. And for this, none of us has to be a bookworm or have to watch movies every day.

Because in the end, all that matters is how great of an impact it leaves on you. And according to us, both Books and Movies do a phenomenal job at it!

To conclude,
If you want to learn something, read a book.
If you want to feel something, watch a film.

What are you opting for? We would love to get to know our movie buffs better in the comments below!