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Galalite, a renowned Indian cinema screen manufacturing company, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest product, the Mirage XDL 1.5. Building upon the immense success of the Mirage XDL 1.2, which revolutionised the industry by addressing the RGB speckle issue, Galalite then received feedback from various projector manufacturers who acknowledged Galalite as a pioneer in the speckle-free screen industry. The feedback highlighted their need for a slightly higher screen gain for larger screen sizes. In response to this demand, Galalite has introduced the Mirage XDL 1.5, a laser projector screen with a screen gain of 1.5. And specially crafted to reduce speckles in laser projections while maximising on-screen black levels and offering viewers unparalleled clarity.

The Mirage XDL 1.5 marks a significant advancement in projection screen technology, particularly for RGB laser projections. This revolutionary screen is set to transform the cinema experience for audiences worldwide. Equipped with Galalite’s proprietary Lensray technology, the Mirage XDL 1.5 reduces visual noise, improves viewing angles, and scatters light up to 20%, effectively minimising hot spotting and enhancing the overall movie-watching experience. 

Yusuf Galabhaiwala, Director of Operations at Galalite, stated, “We always listen to our customers and provide them with cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to provide cinema enthusiasts with an immersive and visually stunning experience, transporting them to another realm.”

Sirnaush Whyte, General Manager of Galalite, added, “The Mirage XDL 1.5 is a game-changer for laser projections. Its unique features and exceptional quality make it an ideal choice for cinema theatres seeking next-generation screens. We are confident that this innovative product will set new industry standards and elevate the movie-viewing experience. Upgrade to Galalite and see the difference yourself.”

For 60 years, Galalite has been a trusted name in the cinema industry, supplying projection screens to major digital and large-format cinema service providers worldwide. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and adherence to global trends and technologies have solidified their position as a leading player in the market. Galalite’s mission is not only to enable audiences to see cinema but also to make them truly feel it.

The Mirage XDL 1.5 is set to revolutionize the cinema screen market and provide an unparalleled viewing experience for movie enthusiasts. With Galalite’s commitment to quality and innovation, the future of cinema projection screens looks brighter than ever.

For more information about Galalite and their Mirage XDL 1.5, please visit https://galalitescreens.com/