We all are familiar with constantly getting nagged on getting eye sores because of excessive use of the mobile phone. Every time you pick up your phone to watch a movie, a show, or a series, there is always the voice of your mother in the back of your head. It says “If you use more of that cell phone you will soon lose your eyesight”. But, how true is it? Can your eyesight undergo severe damage because of a screen? Let’s dive deep into how mobile phones affect your eyes!

Mobile Phones: A Phenomenon

Decades of hard work and innovation packed into a handy pocket-friendly device. That is how you describe a smartphone. From communication to calculation and commodity retail, you can find anything and everything at the tip of your finger. But how exactly does this magic box affect you, physically? The eyes are considered the most vital sensory organ for us and this constant limitless exposure might have adverse effects on them. That is exactly how mobile phones affect your eyes. Over 67% of people prefer the mobile phone as their primary medium for entertainment.

Computer Vision Syndrome-

3 words, Computer Vision Syndrome. A phenomenon affecting millions of people worldwide. Most people using them have no idea how mobile phones affect your eyes. People who use cell phones constantly usually have back and neck pain, headaches because of the brightness as well as watery sore eyes. This is caused because of looking at the same screen for extended periods of time. This rampant use and common CVS has made many people suffer ‘Nearsightedness’ or in scientific terms, Hypermetropia. The number of people having to use prescription glasses for corrective vision has increased in the past decade.

Now we know that the ease of technology comes at a cost. When your eyes are exposed to light for a long time, they are strained. This fatigue is built up and permanently alters vision. The damage caused is irreversible. This is exactly how CVS starts and builds up. Computer Vision Syndrome is when extended exposure to Mobile screens and 3D stereo devices causes eye strain.

The range of a movie is 2-3 hours. My eyes are severely strained from focusing for this long on the screen. The screen size is small, which increases the strain. This results in red-rimmed eyes with blurry vision.

So how do mobile phones affect your eyes? By damaging them!

Your eyes, a precious asset-

Not only is this irreversible, but a cure for CVS is also very unlikely except for the invasive intervention. So your Big Question is answered! CVS is indeed caused by mobile screens. But that doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up using your phone to save your eyesight, It doesn’t take much to prevent it!

Having your phone screen at least a foot away from the eye. You should adjust the brightness to match the surroundings so poor lighting doesn’t affect you. Regular breaks help a ton, the usual recommendation is 20 seconds break every 20 minutes. In those breaks, you should avoid looking at any screens whatsoever.

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