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Leaders in cinema screen technologies, Galalite, recently unveiled their marketing campaign for the year 2020.

Ever since the company’s inception, Galalite has projected itself as leaders of innovation, and year after year the company has introduced never-before-thought-about marketing campaigns that stay true to this notion. Why should this year be any different? 

 The campaign headline “Upgrade to Galalite” smoothly and subtly establishes the company as the superior choice in the market. Maintaining a wise and down-to-earth tone, Galalite communicates “whichever screen you’re using, you need an upgrade if it’s not Galalite”. 

Striving relentlessly in the pursuit of the newest technological advancements, the company remains inventive and experimental so that it can enhance a movie-goer’s experience more and more, with each passing day. From launching LensrayTM Technology to introducing Mirage XDL 1.2 and Prism 3.4 with its help, Galalite gave the world its first RGB Laser Projector Screen, Mirage XDL, 1.2 as well as the world’s first Highest Gain Screen, Prism 3.4. 

 Speaking on the occasion, Yusuf S Galabhaiwala (Director of Operations) said, “At Galalite, forward-thinking and innovativeness have been our motto for generations. In today’s times, even mobile applications on smartphones need a regular update, so why should cinema screens be any different? Upgrades enhance experiences. And that’s what we stand for: to offer an enhanced experience to cinema-goers, and therefore, benefits to the cinema-owners.”