imax with laser vs dolby cinema

“Cinemas have got the brunt. We were the first to shut down and we will be the last to reopen.”
– Alok Tandon, the CEO of multiplex chain Inox.

Undoubtedly, the Cinema Industry has been hit the hardest since this pandemic started nearly 1.5 years back. 

Now that all the countries are getting back on track, cinema halls reopening still remain to be on halt. And the effects of the same have not been so pleasant.

Most of the big releases were either postponed for an indefinite period or were released on OTT platforms (bearing a huge loss).

OTT Platforms – undoubtedly the biggest threat to big screens! People have been stuck at home for more than 18 months now and have successfully pivoted to OTT platforms as their go-to source for entertainment.

This poll conducted by LinkedIn News last year is the testimony of the same. Look at the results of the poll. 63% of your audience wants to stick to streaming!

Here are some of them quoting their reasons: –

The 60 inch TV/Projector seems to be replacing your big screen.

She hit the nail on the head. What are you doing to capture their attention in every aspect? 

He is eager but how do you plan to enroll him that this is the right time for him to come back to the cinema halls?

Here are the comments recorded of some more people just a month ago –

Everything eventually boils down to one thing – Your audience is way too comfortable with their OTT subscriptions. 

So are you ready to create a holistic cinematic experience they can drop anything and everything else for? 

What are you currently doing as a cinema hall owner to win back your audience as the cinema starts reopening?

Needless to say, it’s not going to be an easy task for you to:

  • Lure your audience to come to theatres to watch movies when they are all comfortable to do the same from their couch at home.
  • Convince them for a safe cinema experience & take all the necessary steps to ensure the same.

If you want to get that ‘Housefull’ board outside your theatre hall back again, you must level up to give your audience a reason to not leave a single seat empty.

If that’s what you aim at, read ahead.

Rather than taking it as a setback, let’s take it as a challenge to impress your audience all over again.

The film industry, anyway, is known to be going that extra mile to give their audience a better experience, a better story and a much better reason to come back to the big screen, always.

Today, it needs a little more than that ‘better’ and to ensure only the ‘best’.

So, are you ready to invest to give your audience The Best Cinema Experience?

Being said that your audience doesn’t understand what exactly makes for a ‘bad’ experience.

For example,

When they don’t enjoy the experience of the big screen, they don’t understand whether it was due to the not-so-great-color-quality or hotspot appearing on the surface of the screen or if simply the finishing of the screen is not done well.

It is YOU who has to make sure the screen you’re purchasing is of the quality that never puts your audience in doubt about the experience they had.

While keeping all the above points in mind, we at Galalite, create screens that translate the film-makers imagination for your audience to see.

The modern Lensray Technology (which is incorporated in all Galalite Screens) is the technology that brings the future to the present.

The dream project of Galalite which is creating a dreamy cinematic experience for movie lovers across the globe & changing the way your audience enjoys the cinema.

So, what makes Lensray so special?

Lensray uses a micro-lens array based technology to reduce visual noise and Hotspot and improve viewing angles. (which has been the biggest pain-point of Cinema Owners for the longest time). 

Lensray avoids the intervention of the release of the field by the different micro-lens by keeping the coherence area on the microlens array surface smaller than the microlens footprint. This leads to significantly reduced image noise.

Although the noise is not entirely eliminated, the result of the screens produced by Lensray Technology is far better than any other screen in the world.

Lensray diffuses light uniformly across the area to provide that LARGER THAN LIFE experience to the audience. 

This helps You – Cinema Hall Owners, to provide the Holistic Cinematic Experience by Cinema Projection Screens that determines how often your audience will come back to your theatre.

If you’re concerned about the investment, we promise that our screens pay you back sooner than you expect.

This is not the time to make average investments that lead to an average cinematic experience. It’s time to be the Greatest and be that with Galalite’s Lensray Technology.

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We believe the governments and the concerned authorities globally are already doing their best to bring back the entertainment industry on its track. 

Doing our bit, we would still request them to consider reopening cinema halls, just the way they’re putting efforts for other industries, at the earliest with the set of rules and regulations that make for a healthy cinema experience for every movie buff out there.

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