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You might be wondering,

Why are we trying to sell something people are already crazy behind?

Absolutely! There is no doubt that people around the world, irrespective of their status, profession, culture, or anything, love one thing and that’s Cinema.

It’s hard to believe there is somebody who doesn’t like stories. Who doesn’t like getting immersed in a different world altogether?

Everyone does.

But, still.

It’s never a bad idea to talk more about your brand and showcase more of what you have got for your audience.

So here’s are some of the coolest set of ideas we’ve thought of and curated specially to grab more eyeballs towards your theater –


Create more attractive offers and put them out even more attractively!

Visit different theaters, cinema halls as an audience and analyse what is it that catches your attention when you first enter?

  • Is it the way they’ve presented the posters?
  • Is it the show timings?
  • Is it how they’ve decorated their entrance?


Ask yourself, what are you sold for?

Try to identify such points with each cinema hall that you visit and implement them in your theater. 

Apart from this, you can come up with your own ideas too and experiment with how they work.


Create a seamless online ticket booking process for your audience.

Nobody likes to be directed to multiple tabs to book 1 ticket. So make sure the process is simple, easy to navigate and error-free.


Run early bird offers and get the word out as much as you can!

Who doesn’t love discounts? We all do and your audience too!

You must run great discounts and offer an early bird ticket on special occasions like some big actors’ movie release, festival time, summers and such.

This is one marketing strategy that you can bet on will work.


Offering free snacks for shows where the attendance is low!

Trust us on this, your audience will love you for doing this! 

And what could be a better strategy than offering some free snacks during shows when the attendance is down?

You might be in for a big surprise in the form of a bigger set of audience for the next show due to the word of mouth by the ones you offered the free snacks to!


Share a feedback form at the end!

You can choose to get their feedback on the experience either at the end of the show by distributing the forms or sending them via emails.

This will not just help you improve as per the feedback received but also will make your customer feel heard about their grievances if any.

Bonus tip: You can attach a discount coupon for some upcoming movies along with the feedback form.


Collaborate with Bloggers to visit your theater!

You can collaborate with some bloggers with a great following to come to visit your theater and get the word out through their social media platforms and blogs.

This is an amazing way to reach a newer set of audiences!


Share special group offers for Companies, Colleges.

You can invite the companies and colleges for the shows by sharing with them some special offers for their employees and students.

This will help you get a mass audience and spread the word of mouth on a bigger scale.

These were some of the strategies that you can apply, OFFLINE.

So, what can you do in times like these when people are away from the cinema halls & are craving for that experience even more.

If you manage to be on the top of their mind now, you know who they will run to when things go back to normal and we finally have our first show on!

This is how you can –


Social Media

We cannot emphasize enough on this than the buzz already going around! 

Today, social media is an asset for your business. And the best part, your audience is probably scrolling over there all the time!

Why not leverage their time and create some great content for your Theater and Cinema?

From talking about movies, revisiting old good days to making your audience look forward to upcoming theatrical releases, you can do it all through Content!

So, wait no more and get on social media if you haven’t yet!


Apart from this, engage with your community’s content!

We are living in an era where Collaboration outplays Competition.

So, instead of competing, try to collaborate with your competitors, other creators, artists and bring out something fabulous for your audience.

For example, you can conduct a Movie Reviews Session with another creator on Instagram Live and invite your audience.

You can share others’ articles on your page and request a shoutout for your theatre on their page to get more reach out and a new set of audiences.


Some of the other ways that work digitally really well at any given point –

  • Getting some big star to feature on your promotional videos and getting them to talk about your theater
  • Maintaining a blog on your website where you show in and outs of the cinema industry
  • Building an email/message list to stay connected with your customers. You can make them personalized by sending birthday wishes to your customers, celebrating your occasions by sharing with them and such.


Remember, be it any time, you should never be tired of talking about your theater and market it!

Are you doing it enough already?

Share with us what is your ‘out of the box strategy to market your theater!

Any questions for us? Drop them in the comments below and we will be happy to answer.