We’ve seen people going crazy to book seats in the last rows of the movie theatre. We wonder why, because they aren’t really the best ones. Read this blog and find out which are the best seats to be booked in a cinema theatre and why.

In a cinema, two things matter the most for the moviegoers. The distance from the screen and the distance from the stereo. The front row seats are the last option for everyone because it requires you to look up at a painfully uneasy angle for hours together.

At the same time, we wish good luck to people who are stuck at the most sought-after corner seats. Those are too close to the stereo and have an annoying imbalance of sound.

With all of this said, there is an optimal place to experience the sound system in most theaters.


One can choose a row about two thirds of the distance from the screen to the back of the theater. Try to sit one or two seats from the exact center of the row. This is because sound technicians check the audio levels from the center seat about two thirds back from the screen. Since the sound from right and left speakers are equalized for the center, you should sit slightly off-center to enhance the stereo effect.

In order to get the best visual experience, the sweet spot to choose would be a seat that affords you at least a 36 degree viewing angle from the farthest seat in the auditorium. But why get into the mathematics of it if Galalite’s Mirage Screens give you an equally enchanting visually experience irrespective of wherever you sit.

Remember that when you book your seats the next time, and thank us later!