best seats in a movie theater


We see a massive crowd of people convinced that the last row is the best. But that is not actually the case. While making a theatre, the technicians have a lot of parameters in mind, and how they design it changes your experience. It takes a lot of consideration to get the best seat. But we made it easier for you. We explain which are the best seats to book in a theatre. And how to find them!

There are 2 things that movie lovers need to keep in mind.

  1. Distance from the screen

  2. Distance from the stereo 

These two parameters can alter your cinema viewing experience drastically.

A known fact is that the front-row seats are the last choice for avid viewers. The awkward viewing angle and picture size are too big for an ideal viewing experience. It’s always better to stay away from the front row.

The most sought-after seats by the novice audience are the extreme corner ones. This too is misjudged. The corner seats provide an imbalanced audio experience with one of the stereos being too close and the other being too far. So good luck to the folks there! It can be annoying at times

With all these uncomfortable seats out of your picture, let’s get to the best seats to book in a theatre.


Where to Sit

Choose a seat that lies at about two-thirds of the distance from the screen front to the back wall. It is the most optimal for the best stereo experience. Even a few seats to the center provide the same experience. The technicians usually optimize the stereo with the center as a reference point and the audio levels are adjusted for the same. Since the audio is adjusted to be equalized at the center, it is suggested that you sit slightly off-center. So you can have an enhanced stereo experience

For the best visual experience, a 36-degree viewing angle is the best.  For video experience, choose the farthest seat from the screen so that you don’t strain your eyes while following the picture all over the screen. The farthest seat ensures comfort for the posture, the eyes, and the neck.

 But why bother about adverse phenomena like hotspotting and center-to-edge inequality when you can be worry free with Galalite screens. Galalite Mirage screens are designed in such a way that the audience receives an enchanting experience everywhere in the theatre. No matter where your seat is.

So go and visit your nearest theatres and experience the best seats to book in a theatre for yourself! Thank us later!