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In its constant endeavor to improve cinema viewing experience, Galalite Screens has now rolled out its latest technology- the Micro 4K Perforation Pattern. This new screen technology has been developed to enhance overall picture quality, and is expected to slowly replace current screen technology.

With the introduction of this new perforation pattern, cinemas will now be able to use 4K resolution, which uses about 4000 pixels for horizontal resolution. This will ultimately provide a better cinema viewing experience.

Talking about its newest technology, Galalite Screens’ Director of Operations – Yusuf Galabhaiwala said, “The 4K Perforation Pattern has been developed with the same openness as standard perforation, but the main difference is that it has over 1,85,000 holes per square meter.” In comparison to standard perforation, this increaseslight reflectance, thus ensuring a brighter and more improved viewing experience in cinemas.

Galabhaiwala also explained that in addition to increased number of holes, the holes proportionately smaller in size, which allows for a closer viewing experience, without visible seams cropping up to disturb the picture.

Galalite Screens’ 4K Perforation Pattern has been introduced with a view to eliminating what is known as the Moiré effect. This is a type of fringing that occurs when a screen’s weaving pattern aligns and interferes with the pixilated images of a projector, ultimately causing a strobe-like effect on the screen that hampers cinema viewing.

Digital Perforation – the company’s latest innovation in screen technology – will help combat this effect and enhance cinema viewing in the future.