The mouthwatering smell. The crunchy bite. The salty kick. The buttery finish. Oh yes, we’re talking about our favourite moviegoing snack : the popcorn. Why is it that we feast our taste buds on these crisp kernels (clubbed with a cola, ofcourse!) while our eyes feast on the big screen?

Although it’s now hard to imagine going to the latest blockbuster without a jumbo bucket of popcorn (or, at least, getting a whiff of it), but it wasn’t always this way. Earlier, eaters found the act of popping corn wildly entertaining. Popcorn was available everywhere, especially at entertainment sites like circuses and fairs, but there was only one entertainment site where the snack was absent : the theaters.

Movie theaters wanted to stay far away from the pungent, crunchy grub because before talkies came along, literacy was a necessity for filmgoers, and movie theater strove to target a well-educated crowd. Hence, movie theaters wouldn’t allow popcorn, the street snack, into their auditoriums.

After the dawn of talkies in 1927, going to the movies was an activity anyone could enjoy. This coincided with the Great Depression, and Americans wanted cheap entertainment that would help them to get lost in a new reality. Movies fit the bill. Even during World War II, the sales of popcorn in the United States really took off.

By 1945, popcorn and the movies were inextricably bound. Over half the popcorn consumed in America was eaten at the movie theaters. Theaters began pushing advertisements for their concessions harder, debuting commercials that played before (and sometimes in the middle of) movies that enticed audiences to check out the snacks in the lobby.

Both popcorn and cola are a cheap purchase at the theaters. The salt in the popcorn entices a consumer to buy a sugary drink as well. Nowadays, we have interesting combos that further coax us to make a trip to the snack bar (as if the whiff of popcorns wasn’t enough). It is almost a ritual, to get popcorn and cola when you’re at the movies. This change in their relationship mostly boils down to the price, convenience, and timing of the snack.

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