best seats in a movie theater

 A million things could go wrong while watching movies at home. From neighbors causing trouble, to constantly ringing doorbells, and the worst one being: burning your precious popcorn.

Oh, that’ll be a nightmare for any movie buff.

Jokes apart, but there’s truly something about Cinema Theaters.

They create magic.

When the lights turn off and you’re sitting in the dark, in front of that larger-than-life screen, you’re just waiting for something exciting to happen. It is like an event, very different from what we experience sitting at home in front of the TV or lying down and surfing websites to find a  new movie.

Cinema Theaters are one of the few communal experiences we have left that’s accessible to all. It is wonderful when during a suspenseful moment, you can feel dozens of strangers holding their breath together or laughing together while a humorous scene is playing.

Movie Theaters have the ability to make so many people feel the same emotion together and at the same time. That too, without distractions. There is a greater degree of focus and synergy when you watch a movie in the theater than at home, where we just take the experience for granted, by hitting pause and rewind.

Movie-viewing is an audiovisual experience that is part storytelling, and part a simulation of how we feel. But what determines how we feel?

A Cinema Screen.

The right cinema screen triggers our senses with bright, compelling visuals and massive-sounding sound systems that make every jump jumpier and every scream more terrifying. It is these components that make movies magic.

At Galalite, we innovate and create fantastic movie-viewing experiences that leave the audience wanting to watch more.

Come, see the difference!