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Are you the type of person who jumps on the first-day-first-show of any movie in the theatres, or you wait for the reviews and then decide whether you should watch it in the theatres or not? 

When you choose to watch a movie in the theatre, you are committing yourself to 2-3 hours of that movie. After the commitment, you expect it to be satisfying and not disappoint you after the investment of your precious time and money. 

There are varieties of types and genres of movies that are available for you to watch. If you watch movies frequently, you would know what genre suits you the best, and you may prefer watching the film of that genre only, but if you watch them according to the director or actor, genre doesn’t matter to you.

Here are the types of movies that you should watch in the theatres:

  1. Science Fiction

Never miss the opportunity of watching outer worlds and looking into the future with aliens and a spectacular range of gadgets in the theatres. Looking into the other world, watching all the science on the big screen is a must-watch thing in the theatres because everything seems to be real, especially when you are watching them in 3D. The immersive experience that a big screen gives you while the movie talks about different dimensions, space, planets, mystery and more is unmatched!

     2. Action

Action movies seem to be filling up the adrenaline even if you are sitting on the seats in the theatre. You will always think about what the next move of the protagonist for the hero would be. The clarity of the screen, the ambiance, the sound, and the overall look and feel of the theatres add to the cinematography and gives justice to all the action sequences.  Action movies are not a recommendation for light-hearted people because all the blood or violence would not be suitable for them.

    3. Musical or Dance

Musical or dance movies feel magical when watched in the theatres. All the dance moves with amplified music, in the packed room of the theatre enhances the overall experience you gain.  Remember watching La La Land and getting lost in the magical and romantic world of Sebastian and Mia as you watched them sing and dance? 

We recommend you should watch all the dance and musical movies in the theatre only. You feel like dancing or singing along with the characters in the theatre. You feel the music in your heart, and the steps in your toes. The experience would be so magical that you’ll want to watch the movie again.

    4. Historical

Learning about the Legends or the heroes of history and the world they lived in looks authentic on the big screen. The creative directors make the set look just like it was in that era, and you feel that you were present watching history happen when you are in the theatre.  You can watch every little detail and every single expression with the intensified clarity in the movie theatre impeccably. 

Whether it is a movie about an Emperor who intelligently ruled his country or some Mathematician finding out the sum formula in the darkness, with the help of just a candle, you feel you connect with them on the personal level.

    5. Horror

Horror movies are the best if you are not scared to be alone in the dark or even if you want to shout at the shadow of your friend. Yeah, because the ghost or the paranormal activity that would be happening in the movie would seem like a real one when you are watching them in the theatres. You cannot avoid the intense goosebumps and jump scared during the scary parts. 

Most of the time, people don’t watch horror movies in the theatres because of how scary it can get. But the people who do, know how bewildering the experience is.

    6. Adventure/Criminal

Adventure movies make you feel that you climb the mountains or jump off the bridges or steal the money yourself, even if you can’t do it, because, from the position you are in the theatre, you feel you are a criminal. 

Just like action movies, you’ll feel the adrenaline and the will to scream when the actor’s feet slip from the clip or if the bullet hit the wrong person. You even end up with the feeling of going on an adventure yourself, just after you get out of the theatre.

    7. Comedy

The most important part about building any comedy movie is the environment that you are sitting in. You might not laugh at a joke sitting in your house, but you will find the joke 10 times funnier when you are surrounded by people who’d laugh at a drop of the hat.

You know that laughter is contagious, if the audience laughs, you laugh along with them, or maybe you would hoot along with them as well, and that creates the best out of a comedy movie. Even when the jokes are not that good, if one group laughs, everyone will.

These are some of the genres which we recommend to watch in the theatre. Why? the big screen always amplifies the experience of every movie as you think you are living on that side of the world.

Tell us the best movie theatre experience you have had to date and a movie that we must watch in theatres. Would love some recommendations!