what does 2d mean in movies

Most of us would agree that going to the movies is not just about the film in question. It is a 360⁰ degree with multiple components that come together to create a memorable experience. The cinema that provides the best of these components is the one that people flock to. We’re sure that many times the discussion of which cinema to watch a movie has not been dictated by the film itself but rather the seating, food and much more. Here’s a list of the components that we think make or break a movie-going experience.

  1. Food: People may think food is not an important component of a film viewing experience but they cannot be more wrong. Buying and sharing popcorn is almost a ritual in a cinema. People often make the choice of going to a certain cinema just for popcorn or nacho flavor. The whole concept of VIP cinemas with a full meal available at one’s seat is a testament to the importance of food in a cinema.
  2. Seating: Cinema seating has come a long way from ramshackle seats with random bits of wood poking out, to comfortable, sometimes, recliner seating to provide maximum comfort to spend 3 hours in. While balcony seating no longer exists in most cinemas, the upper rows remain the most premium in the house. This is because the picture quality is the best from this vantage point. The front seat may be a steal but the proximity to the screen can be taxing for the eyes. While lovebirds may love the corner seats, the picture quality takes a hit due to the viewing angles. All in all, where you sit matters in a hall.
  3. Sound: Film is a visual medium but the auditory aspect is also a crucial part. Straining one’s ear to hear the plot will ruin the best movie. Similarly, extremely loud music that drowns out what is being said on screen can also be a huge downer. Fortunately for us, most movie cinemas have upgraded to Dolby systems which provide a superior auditory experience. cinemas that truly want to offer an immersive experience are upgrading to 3D sound systems so patrons can truly experience auditory magic. These make sense if the movie you plan to watch is an action movie like Avengers but for a drama or a rom-com, it is best to save your money and opt for a cinema with a Dolby system as the clarity of the dialogue is the only thing that matters.
  4. Screen: The last but most important aspect of a film viewing experience is the screen. That is, after all, the entire point of going to watch a film. It doesn’t matter if the seat is comfy, the food is tasty or the sound system is top-notch. If the screen is dull, cloudy, or with poor resolution, then the entire experience is a waste. A bright, sharp image with minimum hotspotting is the least a patron can expect from a good cinema screen. For  3D films, the screen should have enough gain to offset the darkness of the glasses. The best way to ensure that your movie viewing experience is the best ever, it would be best to choose a cinema with a Galalite screen. Whether it be 2D or 3D, only Galalite screens can offer you the ideal visual experience. With technologies like Lensray and seamless welding, these screens are the cinephile’s delight.

Movie Cinemas have come a long way from the olden days of uncomfortable seating, poor speakers, stale food, and dull screens. cinemas these days offer full focus on all these aspects of a movie viewing experience to truly enthrall patrons and bring them back repeatedly.