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Unlike our homes, Cinema screens do not require regular cleaning if the environment is clean and dust-free. But we all know that dust and dirt find their way to us from just about anywhere. With countless sources of dust and dirt in an auditorium, it is only normal that the screen’s surface​ becomes unclean overtime. Hence, it is recommended to clean the screens every 6 months. But how to go about this cleaning and maintenance process? Well, it depends on the type of screen surface you own. Since there are different kinds of screen surfaces, it is important that you follow the correct cleaning method according to the screen type.

Coated screens are particularly vulnerable to damage and require careful attention. It is advisable to clean them using dry processes, avoiding the use of water or detergents. You should clean the screen from top-to-down, using a very fine and soft brush or microfiber cloth applying limited pressure. Usually camel hair brushes or microfiber cloth are very soft, and do not damage the sophisticated coating of the screen surface. Be sure to shake-off the cloth after each stroke and never wipe the screen with a dirty cloth. You must change the cloth as soon as it gets even slightly dirty.

For uncoated screens, wipe lightly with a damp cloth. If the grime is difficult to remove with water alone, you may use small amounts of a very mild, liquid soap. Make sure the cloth you use is soft to avoid scratches on the screen’s surface. Rinse the cloth often with clean water in the process to wash away the dirt from the cloth. Also, make sure that you vacuum and clean the back portion of the installed screen. This area behind the screen is usually neglected, and left with the heaviest dust build-up in the cinema. This is where maximum dust accumulates and hence, it is very important to keep the area behind the screen clean, prim-and-proper.

A new screen should perform perfectly for years to come. Usually, the best usable life of a screen is between 5-7 years – but you can use it for 10 years and more, depending upon the maintenance and care of your screen. It is always advisable to change the screen whenever you change your projector, since that reaps out the best performance from the projector. When we talk about the lifespan of a screen, we take a lot of things into consideration. Like for instance, the amount of traffic, how often the screen and auditorium is thoroughly cleaned, etc. Taking a major step to make projection surfaces more durable, we at Galaite, had incorporated nano-coating technology​ to our surfaces in 2014. And that, has made all the difference for cinema owners!