Galalite at Kino Expo 2016

Mumbai: Film-making all over the world is pushing boundaries to create masterpieces. From stunning visual effects to breathtaking cinematography, exceptional screenwriting to outstanding acting, films are becoming not just entertainment, but an art. It is only natural then, that all cinema technology keeps up with the times. With that in mind, Galalite Screens has launched a brand new screen – the Prism 3D 3.0 – to further enhance the quality of 3D cinema viewing.

Galalite, makers and distributors of cinema projection screens, has revealed that their latest offering is an extension of the Prism 3D- a screen that has already seen great response. The newest edition of the screen will be available in a 3.0 Gain, which ensures brighter and better images.

In addition to boosting the overall image quality of 3D films, the Prism 3D 3.0 offers one other benefit for cinema owners. The screen can help in cost savings, as it uses less lamp voltage as compared to regular or lower gain projection screens, without affecting the cinema viewing experience.

Galalite Screens launched the Prism 3D 3.0 at the recent Big Cine Expo, which was held in Chennai, India, on 23 and 24 August 2016. The projection screen is the latest addition to a line of other quality cinema screens that Galalite has developed over the years.

Additionally, Galabhaiwala’s expertise and knowledge of cinema technology also saw him on the ‘4K/Laser/3D – Future-Proof Technology in Projection’ panel at the event, where he and other industry members discussed what is to come for the betterment of cinema viewing.