Mirage XDL 1.5 at BigCine Expo 2023

Galalite Screens, a leader in cinema screen technology, participated in the BigCine Expo held in Chennai, India from 8-9th August. As the Title Partner, Galalite took center stage by introducing their latest screen, the Mirage XDL 1.5.

The Mirage XDL 1.5 generated an enthusiastic response at BigCine Expo, captivating attendees with its impressive visuals. The demo room saw a long queue as everyone wanted to experience the stunning visuals provided by Galalite.

Yusuf Galabhaiwala, Director of Operations at Galalite Screens, stated, “We received requests from projector screen manufacturers for a slightly higher screen gain for larger screen sizes. In response, we introduced the Mirage XDL 1.5, an RGB laser projector screen with a screen gain of 1.5. This marked the first opportunity for the Indian audience to experience the Mirage 1.5 at BigCine Expo.”

Furthermore, the Mirage XDL 1.5 exhibited superior contrast capabilities, enhancing image quality and delivering lifelike visuals that engaged the audience. Attendees at BigCine Expo were impressed by the enhanced black levels and exceptional clarity, allowing them to witness every scene with detail and precision.

“We are overwhelmed with the number of bookings we have received for the Mirage XDL 1.5. Despite being newly launched, we have already received a significant number of orders. Additionally, we also received testimonials from our clients with a majority expressing their appreciation for Galalite’s exceptional quality and customer service,”  said Siranush Whyte, General Manager at Galalite Screens.

At BigCine Expo, Galalite continued its tradition of giving away a free screen to a randomly chosen attendee. This time, the lucky recipient of the Mirage 2.7 was Mr P. Loganathan from Logu Associates, Salem.

“We extend our gratitude to BigCine Expo and Mr Raghav for their invaluable contributions in making this show a tremendous success,” said Siranush Whyte.

About Galalite Screens:

Galalite Screens is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of cinema screens, providing innovative solutions to the cinema industry for over six decades. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Galalite continues to revolutionize the cinema experience by delivering exceptional screen technologies that captivate audiences worldwide.