Galalite at Kino Expo 2016

Galalite Screens’ first ever appearance at the Kino Expo 2016, which was recently held in Russia, turned out to be a memorable one for a number of reasons. As has always been our aim, we have taken yet another step in the innovation of cinema technology.

This year’s Kino Expo saw Galalite add one more projection screen- Prism 3D Ultra, to a list of cinema products that have been carefully engineered to enhance film viewing experience. Designed to offer brighter colours and sharper images, the screen gives you the ultimate 3D cinema experience. Like its predecessor, the Prism 3D Ultra pushes cinematic boundaries to give viewers an experience that is out of this world.

Speaking at the launch of Galalite’s newest screen, the company’s Director of Operations Yusuf S Galabhaiwala said We at Galalite are working round the clock to bring out new and innovative products which might seem similar to products available in the market, but are absolutely different when you compare them.. the key is in tweaking the formulation to suite Cinema Screen applications, rather than using what is commonly available in the market, and that is where GALALITE is different and better.

The launch of its latest screen was not Galalite’s only proud moment. To demonstrate the company’s unending effort in innovation of screen technology, Galalite also distributed a Hologram pack to attendees at the expo, with the aim to educate and entertain. This special pack included a Hologram apparatus and a specially designed video to give viewers 3D viewing like never before.

All in all, the Kino Expo 2016 was a largely successful event, not just for Galalite Screens, but for the cinema technology industry on a whole. Having said that, the future of cinema holds much more to be explored, and Galalite will be at the forefront, ready to unlock some more exciting technology to enhance film viewing.