Galalite screens - CineAsia event HongKong

Galalite Screens – Revolutionizing cinema screening, yet again!

Adding to the list of milestones, this year has seen the first ever showcase of Galalite screens at the Cine Asia event in Hong Kong; all set to take movie viewing to the next level. Cine Asia is the only Pan-Asian Convention dedicated to cinema exhibition & distribution communities. It also screens major Asian and Hollywood films and offers educational programs catering to the needs of the Asian cinema exhibition communities.

The belief that movies watched in theatres need to be nothing short of an experience has got Galalite to upgrade their current set of offerings, which were also exhibited at the event. The latest versions of projections screens by Galalite include;

1) Galalite® Matte White Screen, which boasts of a perfect matte white diffusing surface that aids broad  light dispersion and spectral uniformity ensuring a good view from any angle.

2) Digilite™, Galalite’s versatile gain projection surface is preferred for seamless and superior quality projection of high definition & technologically advanced digital content.

3) Prism 3D™, Galalite’s cutting-edge ultra-high brightness silver screen uses a special formulation that eliminates hot spotting even in 2D projection conditions.

The already cutting edge technology by Galalite has become even sharper with the innovation of a new coating technology, adding to the dexterity of the screen. Even with continuous use, over the years, the brightness will stay intact! With products that redefine movie watching, Galalite’s latest screens are ready to hit the market; marking a before and after in the world of cinema.

About Galalite:

Galalite was founded in 1959, and aimed at enhancing movie viewing experience among the audience. Life-like; almost real, true colours, wide viewing angles, complementing 2D and 3D projections and much more, Galalite’s projection screens are a showcase of years of thorough research, innovation, and an honest effort to be revolutionary cinematic leaders.

Here’s to watching movies like never before!