‘Do not use a lot of that’, your mother must have told you this a zillion times! Perhaps each time you reach out to your cell-phone for watching some video or your favourite series, you can subconsciously hear her warning you that excessive screen-time can cause serious repercussions to your vision.

With technological advancements, our cell-phones have aptly earned the title of smartphones. Besides communication, calculation, planning and shopping, one of its most common usages is for entertainment purposes. In fact, a recent survey revealed that across the world, 67% of people prefer mobile as their primary platform to watch movies, videos and Television shows.

That being said, have you ever thought how much damage the light from your cell-phone can cause to your eyes? Those spending long hours staring at the phone screens not only complain about headaches along with strain in the back, neck and shoulders but also admit about occasional blurred visionary watery eyes. This so-called eye-strain or computer vision syndrome is one very common example of how technological ease comes at a cost. And no wonder so many people nowadays have prescription glasses just because their screen time is way too much!

When your eyes are exposed to mobile screens for elongated periods, they undergo severe fatigue resulting in eye strain. The term Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) best describes this condition as  extreme exposure to mobile screens or 3D stereo devices that lead to eye stress and damaged vision.

Generally, movies run for 2-3 hours at a stretch and when one sits gaping at the mobile screen for such a long time, the eye feels pressurized from focussing on the images displayed. More so, the small size of the mobile screen puts pressure on the eyes to focus even harder. This results in red-rimmed, dry eyes with blurry vision.

So today’s BIG Q is answered! Watching movies on mobile phones for elongated periods can seriously damage your eyes. However, the good news is that it does’nt take much to start taking precautions for preventing eye strain.

Maintaining a safe distance from the mobile screen (at least a foot away from your face), adjusting the brightness so eye strain is minimal due to poor lighting and taking regular breaks (at least a 20 seconds break every 20 minutes) are effective ways to reduce eye strain and further serious problems of vision impairment.

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