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4 crucial reasons to watch horror movies in 3D to experience the ‘spine-chilling’ thrill

It was late at night. Drenched in the rain they were shivering under the roof of an old, dingy bungalow. They both had no option as their car was out of gas. Her battery was dead and his cell had no range. The only thing they were hoping for was a miracle. They were anxious, frightened, and helpless. The street lights were flickering and crickets were chirping to make the situation scarier. All the horror movie’s scenarios were flashing in front of their eyes.

 Suddenly, they saw a shadow of a woman limping with one sack on her back. As she became visible, they ran towards her for help. Looking at the poor kids, she kept her sack on the ground and went inside the bungalow to call her son. After waiting for 25 minutes they lost their patience and started calling her.

 “she has gone to call me” someone whispered from the back. A sheer current went through their body. Horrified by the whisper they were about to go numb. Gathering all the courage they turned their backs. A small kid was coming out of the sack soaked in blood and cockroaches moving all over his body. Slowly, slowly He went towards them. Slowly….Slowly…….

 What if you are stuck in a situation where a kid soaked in blood is coming to get you? What would you do? How would you feel? 

 3d movies put you in these kinds of situations where you get real-life experience. You are engaged in that story as the visuals are a few inches away from you. It is always exciting to watch a horror movie in 3D.

Then, why watch it specifically on prism 3D?

What’s so great about the Prism 3D silver projection screen?

Here are the 3 most important Reasons to watch horror movies on Prism 3D

 Dive into their world

 Many surveys are saying, watching horror movies in 3D is a waste but, if you want to indulge yourself in their world, their story, you will have to get closer to them. Horror movies are created to make you anxious and scared. If you are not connected to that scenario you will not believe that and if you don’t believe that, you won’t get scared.

Prism 3D brings the other side of the world closer to you with it’s higher polarization level, You can feel what they are experiencing and the desired result of getting petrified is achieved.

 A perfect blend of sound and visuals

 Prism 3D is always appreciated for providing the best picture quality and with the high-grade sound system, the movie-watching experience becomes mesmerizing. Horror movies need a perfect blend of sound and visual quality. Prism 3D screens are the best for that as they provide a life-like experience.

Most of the time horror movies have thrilling soundtracks. High pitched sound effects are used precisely to give us a sudden shock. Prism 3D movies give you the feeling of being present in that situation with the high pitched sound in the background make you go numb.

 Remarkable Lens ray technology

Would you enjoy watching a 3D movie that is hurting your eyes?

No, right?

Prism 3D has a unique Lensray Technology that produces quality 3D effect without hurting your eyes. With its amazing power, it reduces visual noise to improve the movie-watching experience. To provide a stunning 3D effect it scatters the light up to 20% which lessens the hot spotting. Prism 3d having the Lensray technology not only enhances the movie-watching experience but also takes care of your eyes.

 Horror movies seem scary than funny

 Have you watched a horror movie and couldn’t stop laughing? This happens many times as we know that the scenarios are not near reality this is where prism 3D comes to the rescue. It has cross polarizer orientation which enhances the dark and scary scenes watching experience without producing a ghosting effect. Even when you know that the scenario is fake you are connected with that in a closer view and you get indulged in that movie as if you are one of the characters living in that situation.


 Watching horror movies on a Prism 3D screen is better as it takes you into a different world. A movie-watching experience becomes exciting and enjoyable. From kids to elders, everybody gets engaged and relishes the true joy of experiencing wonders without hurting their eyes.


 We are sorry to make you read this blog in the times of COVID where cinema theatres are closed, but the bright side is, cinemas are going to be opened as soon as possible and you are going to get to watch horror movies in 3D. Keep your spirits high and your list of movies ready!


Do you like to watch horror movies in 3D?

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