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Why Galalite Screens

Galalite is always transparent about its products to the clients. For calculating the gain of the screen be used a method called Cumulative Gain Unit which serves the purpose of providing the client with a realistic picture of the screen while also improving the audience’s cinema viewing experience. We calculate the game of our screens based on 9 points all over the screen according to French pioneered method. It ensures that our client makes an informed decision which would fit thier needs while they upgrade to Galalite.

A promise to never compromise on quality. Mirage XDL offers a brilliant movie watching experience. It is perfect for the current RGB laser projections and proves to be a revolutionary development in European Cinemas. Being the world’s lowest gain theatre projection screen, it projects maximum black levels, enhancing the viewing experience.

Galalite offers it’s own unique technology which helps to build a more profitable and efficient movie watching experience for the audience. It eliminates any picture viewing disortion or any Centre to EDGE difference in brightness or visibility. It offers the world’s most consistent screening technology while diffusing light uniformly by using a micro-lens array based technology.

With technological advancement happening all the time in the industry, theatres need to keep up to give an up-to-date and unrivaled experience. That’s why Galalite follows the mantra of ‘ Delivering tomorrow’s technology, today’. Our research and development department collaborates with our manufacturing units to give you unprecedented theatre projection screens with the experience of 60+ years in the industry, so that your audience frequents the theatre again and again.